Alkaline Water Ionizer Reviews & Alkalin ph Water Benefits

Are you confused when it comes to the subject of alkaline water machines?   Do you feel like there is so much information out there that you cannot make the right decision?

How are alkaline water ionizer machines made?  What parts are utilized in their construction, are some made better than others? You can see inside some machines in the video below:

What is the truth when it comes to the plates? Which plates are the best and why?  Can I really get Titanium or Platinum poisoning from “leaching” of the water ionizer plates? Or is this a scare tactic used by deceptive sales people?

Is the Kangen water ionizer machine really the best? They cost so much more than other alkaline water systems, does that make them better? Enagic claims to set the Gold Standard, is that the reason why they cost so much more? Kangen is made in Japan, is that where the best alkalized water sytems are made? What makes Kangen water different and better than all other types of water? How do I compare Kangen water ionizers to other brands so I can better avoid scams?

How will drinking alkaline water benefit my body? Is there scientific research which proves the health benefits of drinking the water or is the whole thing just one big marketing fad and is alkaline water a scam as many claim?

Alkaline vs ionized water? What is the difference, is there a difference? Why can’t I just add minerals or powder to my tap water or bottled water to make it alkaline. Isn’t that the same thing? What’s with all these higher PH alkaline bottled water brands that I am now seeing at the grocery store. They are more expensive than regular bottled water but does that mean they are better? Can I get the same health benefits by drinking bottled alkalized water as I will get from drinking alkaline ionized water? What is the difference between the two?

What is the Alkaline Diet and how does it differ from more traditional calorie or carbohydrate restriction diets? How does drinking alkaline ionized water everyday relate to consuming a more alkaline diet? What are the health benefits of eating more alkaline foods like green leafy vegetables and fruits as well as drinking alkaline water? How can I improve my health by being more alkaline? Could alkaline water benefits and an alkaline diet be the secret to longevity and life long health?