Why are Kangen Water Ionizer Machines So Expensive?

Enagic’s Kangen water ionizer line has labeled itself as the “Gold Standard”. This Japanese company has also labeled the water produced by its water ionizers Kangen water claiming it is unique and better that everything else. According to the company, only Kangen water possesses alkaline, antioxidant, and hydrating capabilities. However, while Kangen alkalized water does have these properties, they are due not to the Enagic water ionizer’s “Uniqueness or Gold Standard” but to the fact that the water produced by its ionizer line is alkaline ionized water. It is important for you, as a consumer, to be aware of the fact that the water produced by Enagic / Kangen goes by the scientific name of “alkaline ionized water” or “electrolyzed reduced water” and is produced by the water electrolysis process. This process is not new or unique and was discovered in the 1950’s thus all water ionizer alkaline machines use this very same process to make the “Kangen Water” or “Alkaline Water” just like every automobile uses the same process, the internal combustion engine, to move forward.

So Why are Kangen Alkaline Water Ionizer Systems So Much More Expensive Than Other Alkaline Water Machines?

Kangen is a brand and seeks to establish itself as a luxury high end brand which sets the “Gold Standard” as the reason for their machines being so much more expensive than their competitors. The truth of the matter is much simpler. Enagic uses what is called Multi Level Marketing or Network Marketing to sell there Kangen water ionizer machines. This is a very old marketing technique, do you remember those Tupperware salesmen of the 1950’s and 1960’s and their little “Tupperware Parties”? Well that’s exactly how you were introduced to Kangen Water, through a Kangen water distributor who held a meeting or came to your house and is now giving you free Kangen water or has given you free water.

In Person Meetings And In Home Demonstrations Are Very Expensive

enagic kangen water machine distributor reviews
Tupperware party is the same selling technique used by Enagic Kagen Water Distributors when they hold their meetings and give you free water.

These in person sales and the giving of free water for 1 month as well as the in home demonstrations & personalized installations are all very expensive. The distributor must be compensated for his time, thus when he makes a sale he gets a “cut” or a slice of the pie. These slices of the pie are not taken by just your distributor, but by the person who sold the Kagen water ionizer to him, and by the person above the person who sold the kangen alkaline water machine system to him. The chain continues with many people, a total of 7 to 9, all getting a slice of the “pie”. The “pie” being the nearly $4000.00 dollars they charge for their Flagship SD501 water ionizer. These slices of pie add up eating away about 90% of the revenue or cost of the product. It is all explained so eloquently by a video Enagic has made to recruit new distributors.

This is the real reason why Kangen water ionizers are so much more expensive. If you do not believe it watch that video in its entirety and you will see just how much money goes to the sales team for every single sale. If you are thinking of making money off of Enagic by selling their alkaline water machines then this is a great plan for you and if you are a very experienced marketer you may be able to make money. For most of us however we only want to drink the water and we do not want to pay such a high price to buy into this marketing scheme.

Entree the 21st Century and the advent of the Internet

This whole multi level marketing thing is very old and outdated. In today’s modern society where everyone has a computer or a cellular phone with the internet on their cell phone this whole thing of multi level marketing can be side stepped. Companies utilizing Multi level Marketing or Network Marketing are a dying breed however it does have it’s advantages of being able to have an independent contractor sales force which can say and do whatever they want to make a sale. Even if it is a total lie to propagate a Money Making Scheme which may be breaking United States Law, as the company (Enagic) cannot be held legally accountable since the distributors are independent agents and are not employees of the company. In addition Enagic is headquartered in Japan, so they can avoid any legal claims, but best of all, they do not have to pay any taxes on the sale of their products. What a brilliant and ingenuous marketing plan.

Or is it?

With the internet the significant amount of cost added by MLM marketing can be eliminated. Water ionizer companies can manufacture their ionizers and sell directly to the customer with only 1 middle man being the company representative themselves which honor the warranties and the return polices. Thus we now have several kagen water ionizer competitor brands all of which offer water ionizers for significantly less than what Enagic does. If you take a look at the water ionizer comparisons chart you will see that many of these competitor brand machines posses superior components than the Kangen water ionizer machines. In addition you will see that many of these brands also have longer warranties and longer return policies.

How is this possible?

Well if you watched the video above you saw how much money was paid out to network marketers for each sale of the SD501, a minimum of $2,280.00 dollars in just commissions out of the nearly $4000.00 dollars paid. This is the real reason why Kangen is so much more expensive. If you do the math you will know why the other water ionizer brands offer their machines at the lower prices, because they do not have to pay out these commissions when someone buys one of their machines. The drawback here is that you cannot have in person sales or in home demonstrations or give free water to your customers to let them try out the machine. However for the person who does not mind these disadvantages over the price savings they can actually purchase a better made water ionizer with superior warranties and a longer return policy for half the price or less.

Is Enagic / Kangen a Morally Wrong Company and is it “Robbing” US Customers?

In the future Enagic will have to radically change their marketing plan and reduce the cost of their Kangen water ionizer line to remain in business in the USA. Today however I believe they are exploiting a vulnerability in the US customer base and I believe they are a morally defunct corporation, like nearly all corporations, so can you blame them? Enagic knows that the vast majority of their customers are elderly and that many of them have deteriorating health due to old age. Enagic also knows that there are health benefits to it’s product and elderly people with savings do not put a price on health. Even youthful healthy people do not put a price on health. Most people who buy their devices are over the age of 40 or 50 years old and many more are over the age of 65. Most of these elderly do not have email or they have it and do not use it and they know little to nothing about the internet and how it works. The elderly in the US still live in those 70’s 80’s and 90’s years without the internet. They would never venture online to read this article or other articles to learn the secrets about Kangen and Enagic. All they can hear is what the in person distributor is telling them. They cannot conduct proper research of the competition or on water ionizers and alkaline water in general.

Are you being Exploited by your Kangen Distributor?

If you are one of these elderly people who do not use the internet then yes, you are. Your Enagic seller is telling you that Kangen is the “Gold Standard” and that is it better than all of the competition, unfortunately for you, you would never read this article, and your Enagic kangen water distributor ionizer seller is banking on that. If you happen to ask them about a competitor machine they have some famous one liners to dispatch your questions:

  • That machine is cheap it does not have the quality that Kangen has
  • Kangen is better why do you think that machine is so cheap?
  • Kangen sets the Gold Standard that’s why it cost more
  • Kangen is the best it sets the Gold Standard
  • That machine doesn’t work or will break down that’s how they make it so cheap
  • It does not do the micro-clustering
  • It does not change the PH
  • It doesn’t have ORP’s
  • It will stop working after a few months or a year.
  • It doesn’t have the same plates that Kangen has
  • That company will go out of business and you wont be able to buy the filters for it

On and On and On and On

The distributor will really tell you anything, even lies, to label the competition as inferior or cheap. They cannot be held accountable, you cannot sue them, you cannot sue Enagic or Kangen for false advertising or telling you lies. The distributor is an independent sales agent with no ties to Enagic other than he gets a kick back (a check in the mail) when he makes a sale. Enagic is not liable for anything they say, and what’s more, you would have to prove in a court that they lied to you and falsely advertised to you. This means hiring a lawyer and going through all that time and trouble for what? To sue a petty sales agent who does not have “deep” pockets? Here are some good questions you should ask them before you buy:

  1. If Enagic is better then why is the warranty on the Kangen water ionizer only 5 years when others have longer warranties?
  2. Why is there only a 30 day return policy for unopened and unused Kangen machines? Are you afraid if I open and use it I will want to return it or change my mind?
  3. Why does the Enagic machine require the use of a chemical electrolysis enhancer and why don’t the other brands of water ionizers use it?
  4. Why doesn’t Enagic have a dual 2 stage internal filtration system inside their ionizers like some of the other machines from other brands?
  5. Why doesn’t Enagic have any ionizer with the more efficient Switch Mode Power Supply or SMPS power system?
  6. Is it true that transformers will burn out after 5 years and is that the reason why the Kangen alkaline water machine only has a 5 year warranty? Because after that time it is likely the transformer will burn out?
  7. Why do you have to manually clean the machine every 3 to 6 months with a cleaning cartridge? Why doesn’t it have automatic cleaning?
  8. Why is the Return Policy Reduced to 7 Days if I open and use the machine?
  9. Why will you charge me $500 dollar restocking fee if I open and use the system then return it within 7 days of purchase?

What does the Better Business Bureau have to say about Enagic?

I am sure the distributor who is trying so very hard to get you to buy that Kangen water ionizer has an endless positive repertoire of things say about Enagic.  They probably rave on and on about how big and well distinguished the company is, how good the products are, and how satisfied they are as a seller and user of the devices, and the amazing health benefits every customer has experienced.  For such a big and reputable company, you may be interested reading previous kangen water customer reviews on their experience with the company. Many consumers of the sd501 kagen water machine complain of very high restocking fees when returning the water ionizer UNOPENED and UNUSED.  They even complain about the distributor “disappearing” once the sale was made and that the customer service team at Enagic was not helpful, beating around the bush on the phone, and refused to refund the customer.  You can  Read the complaints with the Better Business Bureau about Enagic and their manipulative distributor sales tactics.  One customers testifies the following:

  • Received no documents with the machine
  • Returned the unit unopened and unused, received no refund.
  • Never received $600.00 rebate promised by distributor.
  • Distributor disappeared after making the sale.
  • Only received sales documents AFTER filing credit card chargeback, and the documents were provided to him by Master Card.
  • Was not made aware of return policy when purchasing the machine, the customer states:
    “No assistance from distributor after the sale, no sales receipts provided, returned the unit unopened and unused and no refund given. “
  • Once the sales documents were given to the customer from Master Card, the customer states his signature was forged, and that it was not his signature on several of the sales documents.
  • In the end he says he still wants his $4301.67 refunded yet due to his deteriorating health and stressful struggle with the company, he will sell the unit on Ebay at a loss.

You can read the complaint in it’s entirety by vising the Better Business Bureau.  As I stated above in this article, this company is exploiting the disabled and the elderly in the US.  They are also exploiting everyday citizens by recruiting them into their marketing plan, to push their product on disabled, sick, helpless people.  It is a dirty rotten business, yet despite all the complaints of failures to honor refunds and large restocking fees, people still fall for these predatory sales techniques.  As noted above, the elderly do not use the internet, so they never come to find out who exactly they are dealing with before they make their purchase, they only hear and see what the distributor, “their friend” tells them.  Among the countless lies the company and their distributors tell people, the biggest one of all, that Kangen water is different and better than the water from all the other ionizers, is dispelled by the Enagic company themselves.  In another complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the Enagic company responds with the following statement:  “We believe Kangen water from our ionizers is superior with many health benefits, however, Kangen water is essentially alkaline ionized water”.

What Kind of Business is the Enagic – Kangen Water Company Running?

enagic compensation plan commissions structure
Enagic pays the top row direct sales commission to the distributor who sells the SD501 machine and ALSO pays an Indirect Sales Commission based off the number of people in their DOWNLINE. Does your distributor have a conflict of interest in getting you to purchase that Alkaline Kangen Water System?

While the distributor who is trying to sell you that Kangen water system may be telling you that Enagic is not an MLM and that it is a Direct Selling Company, or whatever else they want to call it, consider the following:

  1. What is the difference between an MLM and a Direct Selling Company? Is there any difference?
  2. If you sell the devices, do you work for Enagic? Are you an Employee? Or are distributors Independent Contractors as the company stated in the above complaint filed with Business Consumer Alliance?
  3. What are the signs & signals of an MLM or a Direct Selling Agency / Company?

This article on Independent Contractor Sales Jobs may give you insight into the true nature of that “Fantastic New Business Opportunity”.

What do Kangen Water Testimonials left with other Consumer Reporting Agencies say about the Company?

On “Pissed Consumer” we find several more people have left testimonials on Enagic Kangen Company experiences dating back to 2011. Two customers testify that they were lied to by Enagic distributors about what the filters inside the machines actually remove. The customers complain that they were told the filter removes every contaminant inside the tap water. Come to find out later after using the machine for 2 years the filter only removes chlorine and lead.

Another Enagic Customer Review states that they purchased a brand new Leveluk machine and it came with a faulty motherboard. When they took the machine to the Torrance CA. plant they were told it would cost $950.00 to repair it . The customer states that even though their machine was brand new and unused the Enagic Company would not replace it with another new machine! The individual even invites others too contact him to form a class action lawsuit and leaves his email address: pianoconnection@yahoo.com

There are even more complaints about the Kangen Water business dating back to 2009 on Complaints Board, you can read those and other complaints below:




Don’t Fall For the Kangen Water Scam

When you have someone in your sight and in your personal space, or someone who is a “friend” or someone who you “met” who gives you free water and a free in home demonstration it is easy to believe what they are telling you and give them more credit than they deserve. This is a sociological and emotional vulnerability we humans have. We want to trust that person since we are interacting with them, this is one of the many reasons why scams work. You can help yourself avoid manipulative sales tactics by sticking  to facts and thinking logically. Ask them the hard questions and demand factual answers not bogus claims or lies. Ask them to prove their claims and back them up, don’t just take their word on it. Unless you really feel sorry for this person or guilty if you don’t buy your machine from them I suggest you don’t. Maybe give them 100 bucks or 20 dollars or 50 dollars for their time and buy your machine elsewhere. Save yourself that minimum $2,280.00 dollars in commissions which you are giving to Kangen sales people when you buy the SD501. Save your money for your kid’s college tuition or for something you really need or may need later. Take your time to look around and read kangen alkaline water ionizer machine reviews from other people that use other machines. Enagic is not the only company in the market, diversify your sources of information – do not simply listen to what kagen water system sellers are telling you.  If you take your time to look around you may find that you can buy a better product from another brand for much less. You will get a better warranty, a better return policy, and a better machine. You can even use some of these other companies machines for 60 days and return them for a full refund. Do it, drink the ionized water from there and I bet you get the same alkaline water benefits that you received from the Kangen water.

Remember to believe only Facts, not claims

Enagic has named its ionized water Kangen water as a marketing term intended to convince consumers that they are purchasing a unique product. However, Kangen water is the same kind of water that is produced by other water ionizers. For instance, Kangen water comes in a variety of pH ranges, from a pH of 11 to a pH of 8.5-9.5, and also makes acidic water. Other ionizers produce this same ionized water in all the same pH ranges as well. 

Kangen Water Has the Same Benefits as Other “Types” of Alkaline Ionized Water

Kangen water provides the same health benefits as does the water produced by other types of alkaline water ionizers. For instance, Enagic claims that its Kangen water provides alkalinity, antioxidants, and hydration from micoclusters to those who drink it. These are the same health benefits of drinking alkaline water made by all ionizer system machines. For instance, all the medical studies show supporting evidence about the antioxidant and hydrating benefits of alkaline ionized water in general, they do not say “Kangen Water” in the research studies.

“I thought we were helping people”

For a company and a distributor who claims to be helping people by delivering them a health improving device like a water ionizer which makes alkaline ionized water with all its health benefits, I believe they are not in it to help you, only to make money off of you. As the recruitment video shows, a minimum of $2,280.00 dollars is paid in commissions for every single Kangen SD501 water ionizer machine sold. Is your Kangen water ionizer seller really your friend? Or are you really paying for that “Free” water and that “Free” demonstration in another way? Remember, real friends don’t get you in trouble, and a real friend would not knowingly sell you a water ionizer machine with such a high commission structure to knowingly make money off of you without disclosing the whole truth to you. Enagic does set the “Gold Standard” they line their pockets with at least $2,280.00 dollars in commissions from every single sale.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.” – Adolf Hitler

While it is true that there are some very poor quality water ionizer products on the market which you will want to avoid, you should keep in mind that commissions paid to distributors in Enagic’s sales network are a very powerful motivator for anything and everything any kangen water system seller has to say.

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