Is it ok to give alkaline ionized water to my pet dogs and cats?

Is this what your pet is drinking/

Is your pet’s fur dull and brittle?  Have you noticed that your pet doesn’t look as good as he or she used to? Have you noticed that your pet is not as happy as he or she usually is? Is your pet shedding excessively, beyond the normal shedding caused by weather changes? These problems could be caused by poor nutrition due to a diet lacking in required nutrients. Take a careful look at what is actually in your pet’s food and water; you will probably be surprised at what you find.

Corn in Your Pets’ Diet

The disease rate is growing quickly in our beloved furry friends, with more and more dogs and cats developing cancer. Our pets are getting people diseases, because our pets aren’t getting what they need in their diet. Over-toxification, as well as this lack of basic nutrition, are causing dullness in their skin and coat, as well as many diseases like cancer. In fact, 1 in every 5 pets is being affected.   

un-healthy pet foodIn addition, the high corn content of many dry dog foods is causing food allergies in pets. These food allergies can also cause various skin issues. Healthy pets have a wonderful, shiny coat. Dogs that eat too much corn in their diet tend to have duller coats, because dog hair is 90 percent protein. When dogs eat too much food that has corn as a main ingredient instead of meat, they do not get the protein they need to be healthy, and their coats reflect this lack of nutrition.  

Corn is also a problem in your dog’s diet, because mold and fungi are found in corn, and because corn can metabolize in your pet in much the same way that sugar metabolizes in humans.  As a result, your beloved pet may get sugar highs and lows, just like we do,  that will make them feel ill. Because of the problems that corn can cause for your dog, it should not be one of the first 3 ingredients in your dog’s food.  

People food is not good for your dogPeople Food in Your Pets’ Diet

Food that we eat is processed, and has all kinds of things in it that are not good for pets, such as hormones, some fruits and veggies, dairy and lots of grains.  Dogs and cats in the wild eat meats before anything else. As a result, they should not eat table food that does not match their own natural diet of primarily meat. 

 Here are a few food items proven to be bad for your pet:

  1. Milk: It may be cute to see your little kitten lapping up some milk, but the over processed homogenized milk that we have today is not good for your pet to drink.  Their little bodies are not designed for any dairy at all. As a result, dairy can cause digestive issues for your pet. If you are going to give them milk, buy Organic milk from cows that are only grass fed, and buy it for yourself as well!
  2. Spices: There are a many items in your seasoning cabinet, like chives, onions, garlic, and more that can cause problems in the digestive tract of your pet if consumed cooked into other dishes, raw, or dehdyrated.  Some of these items can trigger asthma attacks, cause blood cell damage, and even create liver issues.  Diarrhea, vomiting, and urine color changes are some signs that your pet may have eaten one of these items.
  3. Caffeinated beverages: Giving your pet soda,  tea,  energy drinks, or coffee is also not a good way to help your pet to get the energy to get up and jog with you.  These beverages can be very dangerous, because they contain methylxanthines and other chemicals that can cause heavy panting, vomiting, and even tremors.  
  4. Chocolate; Your dogs should never, ever have chocolate. it contains methylxanthine and theobromin, which can be deadly for your furry friends. 

corn wheat

Fillers in Your Pets’ Diet

Low quality pet foods have lots of fillers in them like corn, wheat, grains, and many other things that do not fill your pet. When there is meat as the first ingredient and then vegetables as the second ingredient in your pet’s food,  your pet will get full on less food, because the food will provide them with the nutrition they crave. If you love your pet and yourself you should recognize that there is no price on good health and good nutrition, this means good food.  Food is how we all live and how your pet lives.  Look for pet foods that are Non GMO like Orijen.

The following is a list of some other fillers often found in pet food: 

Soy:  is responsible for a huge portion of pet allergies that can result in itching, sneezing, swelling, anaphylactic shock, and possible death.

Beet pulp:  beet pulp has been known to plug the intestinal villus.

Alkaline Ionized Water in Your Pet’s Diet

The water your pet drinks plays a vital role in your pet’s health.  By eating a diet that closely resembles a typical American diet, your pet will begin to experience acidosis, or a buildup of damaging acid in the body.  Giving your pet alkaline ionized water can help to counteract the acidosis, and  provide your pet with healthy drinking water.

Alkaline water benefits our pets for the same reasons it benefits us: Both we and our pets tend to eat acidic diets and are constantly exposed to toxins. Because it is alkaline instead of acidic, alkaline ionized water can counteract the build-up of acidity in our bodies and help to flush toxins from the body.

Dogs and cats can identify chemicals in tap water, like chloride, chlorine, pesticides, heavy metals, and many others, even though they cannot see them.  I have seen pets turn down tap water for ionized water when they were offered both.  It is probably their heightened sense of smell that alerts them to the toxic chemicals in the tap water, and that is why they choose the healthy alkaline water. 

If you own an alkaline water machine use it to start giving your pet alkaline ionized drinking water. You will notice that your pet will have more energy and become happier and healthier. Your pet’s coat will also start to change, it will get shinier, softer, thicker and fuller when your furry friend is drinking alkaline water. This will occur over about 2 to 3 months time and as long as you keep giving them ionized water these benefits will remain. If you stop giving them them this drinking water you will slowly lose the beneficial appearance in their coat and health. I have personally witnessed this transformation in several friend’s dogs and cats, including my own. The coat becomes much thicker and fluffier over time, like the dog in the video below, you really need to see it for yourself in person.

My good friend had a golden retriever that was about 11 human years old and suffered from patches in his fur due to over scratching and biting. He started giving his dog the ionized drinking water at a PH around 10.0 and when I saw his dog about 5 months later there were no more patches in the coat. His whole coat returned back to normal and was thick with no patches and had the golden retriever look and shine. For elderly dogs that may have joint paint, the alkaline water benefits can help restore their youthful energy by relieving the pain. Many people report that the water helps to relieve their joint pain, so it would be intuitive to assume the same for your pets. Most people think that these things statements are untrue because they do not believe these benefits are possible. The funny thing is that water is the most important nutrient for life, yet it is one of the biggest overlooked nutrients. The human body is about 70% water by weight, the same goes for many animals. If you can supply the body with improved drinking water that has the ability to act as an antioxidant and neutralize free radicals the health of every cell in the body will be improved. People need to stop consuming processed foods and drinks, eat natural unprocessed foods and drink the best water possible. Our furry friends need good alkaline food and alkaline water, just as we do in our daily lives. Some simple changes that anyone can make today can change their life and their pet’s lives tomorrow and into the future.