Water Ionizer Comparisons Chart

The Ultimate Truthful and Factual Buyers Guide to Comparing Alkaline Water Ionizer Machines.

Below you will find the most well known brands of water ionizers along with many of their top models. Factual information pulled from their site has been listed in the comparison chart so you can quickly compare these top alkaline water machines. Unlike those “Buyers Guides” with their many different “Ionizer Awards” in this chart you will find only the manufacturer stated specifications which leaves no room for bias or manipulation. The fact is that there is no 3rd party organization which rates water ionizers and hands out “awards” or “certifies” ionizers to be superior to each other. These “Buyers Guides” that you download AFTER submitting your email address and phone number (so someone can then market to you by calling you or emailing you) are FAKE water ionizer review / marketing guides cleverly distributed on websites other than the manufacturers / brand owners website. The guides will rate or highlight certain ionizer brands and models giving them “Top Picks” or “Best Choice Awards” or “Ionizer of the Year” awards to make you think that some 3rd party independent body has rated them as the best water ionizer when the fact is these guides are owned, created, and promoted by the companies whose water ionizers and brands receive the awards in the guides. (You should definitely check the Better Business Bureau file of customer complaints against the brands and companies promoted in the guides). It is a very deceptive and clever marketing ploy to make you think you have discovered the best water ionizer since it was “rated” in the guide, when in fact the guide is created and financed by the brand whose water ionizers are highlighted in the guide. Only smaller lesser known companies use these guides to promote their products in the advertisement sections of the search engine results. Otherwise you would never be able to find their websites or their guides since being so small they would never appear on the 1st page of search engines unless they use paid for advertisements. Since a “Free” buyers guide is being distributed using paid for advertisements, who do you think is paying for those advertisements? A philanthropist who wants to let you know about their water ionizer reviews, especially the ones they think are the best? Or the company whose water ionizers are being promoted in the guides? Take a look at the chart below and then scroll to the bottom of this page where you will learn the advantages and disadvantages of different components used in these water ionizers such as a transformer vs a SMPS power system. Below this chart you will find the definitions of the different components and the advantages and disadvantages of each component will be explained so you can compare and rate the water ionizers yourself based upon your needs and not based upon what some corporate advertisement wants you to believe

Brand Enagic Leveluk Super 501 Kangen Leveluk SD501 Enagic Kangen Platinum Leveluk SD501 Kangen Leveluk DXII Kangen Leveluk JRII Bawell Platinum Water Ionizer Alkaviva / Jupiter / IonLife / IonWays Vesta Water Ionizer Alkaviva / Jupiter Ionizers / IonLife / IonWays Athena Model
Bawell Fountain Water Ionizer Alkaviva / IonLife / Jupiter / IonWays Melody Water Ionizer Bawell Premier Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine Alkaviva / Jupiter / IonLife / IonWays Venus Water Ionizer Kangen Leveluk R / TYH-71 Bawell Electrolyte Water Ionizer
Price $5,980.00 $3,980.00 $4,280.00 $3,280.00 $2,380.00 $2,195.00 $2,995.00 $2,295.00 $1,775.00 $1,695.00 $1,195.00 $1,295.00 $1,480.00 $995.00
Installation Connect to Faucet Connect to Faucet Connect to Faucet Connect to Faucet Connect to Faucet Connect to Faucet or to water line under sink Faucet Faucet & water line connection Connect to Faucet or to water line under sink Connect to Faucet   Connect to Faucet Faucet & water line connection Connect to Faucet Connect to Faucet
Number of Plates 12 7 7 5 3 7  7  5  7  5 5  3 3 3
Plate Type Solid Titanium Platinum Coated Plates Solid Titanium Platinum Coated Plates Solid Titanium Platinum Coated Plates Solid Titanium Platinum Coated Plates Solid Titanium Platinum Coated Plates Solid Titanium Platinum Coated Plates Solid Titanium Platinum Coated Plates Mesh Titanium Platinum Coated Plates Solid Titanium Platinum Coated Plates Solid Titanium Platinum Coated Plates Solid Titanium Platinum Coated Plates Solid Titanium Platinum Coated Plates Solid Titanium Platinum Coated Plates Solid Titanium Platinum Coated Plates
Power System Transformer Transformer  Transformer  Transformer  Transformer SMPS SMPS  Transformer SMPS  Transformer  Transformer  Transformer  Transformer  Transformer
Warranty  3-year  5-year  5-year  3-year  3-year Forever Lifetime Warranty Lifetime On Parts, 5 Years On Labor, 1 Year On Shipping Limited Lifetime Warranty Forever Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty Lifetime Warranty 3-year Lifetime Warranty
Return Policy           60 Days 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee   60 day Risk-free trial 60 Days 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee 60 Days Money Back Guarantee 60 Days 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee No Risk 60 Day Trial   60 Days 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee
BBB rating Excessive Enagic Kangen Customer Better Business Bureau Complaints
Several Pissed Consumer Enagic Kangen Reviews
Many Complaints Board Enagic Customer Reviews     A  A-  A-  A  A-  A
 A-    A
Ph capability  2.4 – 12.0 2.5 – 11.0 2.5 – 11.0     2.0 to 12.0     3.0 – 10.5 3.8 – 11.0 3.2 to 10.0   6.0 – 9.5 5.0 – 9.5
ORP capability           +600.00 to -800.00    to -800mv +600mV to -500mV   +600 to -420     +300mV to -250mV
Flow Rate Kangen Water: 1.3-2.1 (flexible right pipe)
Acidic water: 0.5-0.75 (secondary white pipe)
        1 gallon every 30 seconds 3 liters per min. 3 litres per minute 1 gallon every 30 seconds .8 gal./min (3 liters per min)   .8 gallon (3 liters) per minute Kangen Water®: 1.5 liters – 5.5 min.
Acidic water: 1.5 liters – 4.5 min.
3.0 liters per minute
Voice  yes         yes   yes yes yes        
Requires chemical additives? Yes, Enagic Electrolysis Enhancer Fluid Yes, Enagic Electrolysis Enhancer Fluid Yes, Enagic Electrolysis Enhancer Fluid Yes, Enagic Electrolysis Enhancer Fluid Yes, Enagic Electrolysis Enhancer Fluid No No Calcium Port No Calcium Port Optional Port for adding vitamins or minerals in sold or liquid form. No Yes, Enagic Electrolysis Enhancer Fluid Optional Port for adding vitamins or minerals in sold or liquid form.
Self Cleaning Type Auto cleaning system         Automatic Reverse Cleaning every Startup and Shutdown Auto post use cleaning DARC Cleaning System  Automatic Reverse Cleaning every Startup and Shutdown  Auto Auto reverse cleaning after every 15 min of continuous use,  5 second cleaning at start up and shut off one clean cycle of 10 seconds per every 20 liters Auto Auto reverse cleaning after every 15 min of continuous use.  Cleaning at start up and shut off
Filtration Single Filter Single Filter Single Filter Single Filter Single Filter  Dual Filters Dual Filters Dual Filters Dual Filters Single Filter Single Filter Single Filter Single Filter Single Filter

Since there are so many different alkaline water ionizer machines on the market it can be very confusing and overwhelming for a newcomer when it comes to making the proper comparisons. This confusion makes any alkaline water scam very easy to conduct as companies take advantage of this and mislead you with promotional “Buyers Guides” and misinformation. If you take a step back, and compare machines based upon their components, brand policies like warranty and returns, and company reputation, a well organized and methodical method for comparing water ionizers can be put into use. Some things are more easy to compare than others, like length of warranty and length of return policy. Below is an easy to use method for comparing alkaline ionizers.

1. Start with the easy things, warranty and return policy.  A longer warranty and longer return policy is better.  Watch out for restocking fees and exceptions to the return policy, read the return policy and the warranty fine print first before you buy.  If a company is hiding the fine print, there is a reason.

2. Check the Better Business Bureau file on the company, this can weed out companies with poor customer satisfaction and eliminate their models from your list immediately.  Read previous customer complaints on file to see what they complained about.  This can save you a lot of grief in the future.

3. Watch out for companies that constantly change their brand name or company name. Organizations which constantly re-brand or close down one company name to then start selling the same products under a new company name do so to avoid honoring warranties. Check the Better Business Bureau file on the company, if they have multiple company names and multiple brand names with complaints of failure to honor warranties, then you know the reason for the constant name changes.

4. There are 3 core components which make up a water ionizer, power system, filters, and plates.

  • Power system:  Transformer VS Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)  A transformer is an older power system design. Transformers are basically a bunch of wire wrapped around an iron core. Transformers heat up as they are used, which deteriorates them. Over time this deterioration will destroy the transformer and cause it to burn out. They can last for only a few years or for 5 years or more, depending on how much they are used. If you have a small family, only 1 or 2 people, a transformer will last you a very long time. If you have a big family, say 6 people or more, all that use can cause it to burn out in a shorter amount of time. Transformers are cheap and widely used in many electronic devices. SMPS power systems (switch mode power supplies) are digital power systems which use microprocessors and resistors and capacitors to regulate the power in discrete increments, this is what makes them digital. They are far less prone to overheating since they are more efficient. This enables them to use less power while achieving higher PH and ORP values since they make the electrolysis process more efficient. SMPS power systems typically last 20 years or more.
  • Filters:  Alkaline ionizers will have either a singe filter or a dual filter system. These filters are located inside the machine and need to replaced. Most of the machines have counters on them which tell you when to replace the filters. A dual filter system is better than a single filter system. If you live in a smaller town or city with clean drinkable tap water a single filter system will be good for you. If you live in a large city then generally you will want to get the better 2 stage filtration system.
  • Plates, this is a source of constant misinformation and upsell / manipulative sales tactics.  Generally speaking the more plates the more powerful the water ionizer, but this power is only practical up to a certain point. There are 3 plate, 5 plate, and 7 plate models. It used to be only 3 and 5 plate water ionizers up until about 3.5 years ago, then 7 plate machines started to come out, now we have 9 plate and even 11 plate units. There seems to be a constant push to keep increasing the number of plates, to make people think they need more plates (with more plates comes higher prices) to get alkaline water benefits from their ionizer. This is totally untrue and is a manipulative sales tactic called and “upsell”. For drinking purposes and cleaning purposes a 7 plate water ionizer is more than powerful enough. Anything higher is just overkill and excess power you will not need or use. 5 plate machines should be considered medium strength alkalizers which can still give you the drinking water benefits and the acidic cleaning  water benefits. 3 plate machines should be considered as economy or weak machines which really can only deliver the alkaline ionized drinking water benefits. 3 plate machines cannot make the lower acidic water PH you will need for cleaning. Beware of companies and “Buyers Guides” which talk of titanium and platinum poisoning, or medical grade titanium and platinum. These are clear signs of manipulation to make you think that there is a danger to water ionizer plates. The fact is not 1 case of platinum or titanium poisoning has ever been document. Platinum and titanium are actually elements which do not corrode or degrade, just like gold does not corrode or degrade. These elements could never be corroded or broken down by water or electricity passing through the ionizer, it is an impossibility. If you do not believe it, you should read up on some of the uses of titanium and platinum, these metals are used for body implants like in dentistry and in surgery. Sources which cite titanium and platinum poisoning are clearly sources of manipulation, this is one of the oldest water ionizer scams.  There are also several designs of plates, such as mesh or slotted plates which have holes punched out of them to make them lighter and cheaper. Stick with flat and sold plates since they are stronger and less prone to clogging from calcium buildup in hard water areas.

5.  Cleaning:  Look for a machine which does its own self cleaning automatically on startup and shutdown. This is the best cleaning system to prevent calcium buildup, especially for people who live in hard water areas. The best alkaline water machine system therefore cleans every time it starts up and shuts down. This automatic cleaning system gives your machine the longest lifespan possible by keeping it’s plates as clean as possible over the duration of it’s service. Cleaner plates are more efficient for water electrolysis and use less electricity placing less strain upon the water ionizer in the long run. This is especially important for machines which use transformers since the higher the wattage the more electricity is consumed and the hotter the transformer will get. The hotter the transformer gets, the more wear and tear it experiences, and the faster it will burn out. Machines which only clean once each time you use them or only after a certain amount of time will tell you to periodically clean the machine yourself, manually, for this reason. With less automated cleaning calcium builds up in these machines requiring you to clean them manually so they do not clog and so they do not overheat and burn out their transformers.  If your machine has single cleaning or periodic cleaning then be ready to clean it yourself manually from time to time to keep it going. Machines which clean twice every time you use them will last the longest by staying cleanest and will eliminate the need for you to do manual cleaning.



Once you have decided to purify your water through the use of a water ionizer, you will need to choose one. One factor that should influence your decision is the type of plates used in the purifier. Plates are not created equal. Each type functions differently, and some have distinct disadvantages. In order to ensure that you get a convenient and long-lasting machine, you should educate yourself on plates so you can avoid common scams.

The Water Ionizer Scam

There is so much conflicting and misleading information on water ionizers that this one is easily pulled off and here’s why. With all the hype and talk about “Plates” inside the water ionizer how are you to discern the fact from fiction? Manufactures have come up with a clever trick to save money and deceive you at the same time. You may have heard of mesh water ionizer plates, or slotted / hybrid plates. Perhaps you were told that these are the best types of plates because they ionize the water more efficiently or the power flows over them more evenly or because the water flows through them more efficiently. Or perhaps you have heard that some plates can give you “Titanium poisoning” or will “leach” Titanium and Platinum. Well, the truth and the real reason for the plate scam and scare mongering is easily uncovered if you use common sense and plain old logic.

Types of Water Ionizer Plates

There are three basic types of water ionizer plates: Flat and solid, mesh, and slotted. Each functions a bit differently as the water flows over it.

Here is a description of each type of plate:

water ionizer platesFlat and Solid

The flat and solid water ionizer plate is a single, flat, smooth, piece of metal. It does not have any holes. As a result, the water runs over the plate without being diverted or lost through any openings.


The mesh water ionizer plates possesses numerous small holes that make it look like a screen. This type of plate provides many small holes through which the water can run as it is ionized.


The slotted water ionizer plate is similar to the flat and solid plate. However, as its name suggests, it possesses slots evenly distributed throughout the plate. These slots also provide places through which the water can run through as it is ionized.

Advantages to the Flat and Solid Plate

Due to its design, the flat and solid plate has two distinct advantages over its mesh and slotted counterparts. Following is a discussion of these advantages and why they make it important to purchase a water ionizer that uses a flat and solid plate.

Easier Cleaning

Flat and solid plates are easier to keep clean, because they have fewer surfaces that can become clogged with calcium build-up. This type of plate possesses just one large front and one large back. As a result, calcium build-up can easily be removed by cleaning these two sides of the plate. Mesh or slotted water ionizer plates, on the other hand, have openings and edges along every hole and slot where calcium can build up. These openings are also much smaller than the surfaces on the flat and solid plate and are therefore harder to clean. For ease of cleaning which therefore translates to longer lifespan it is best to choose an alkaline water machine that uses flat and solid plates.

Greater Durability

Flat and solid water ionizer plates are also more durable than their mesh and slotted counterparts. Mesh and slotted plates are weaker, because of the number of openings they have. As a result, they are flimsy and do not posses the rigidity and stiffness that makes flat and solid plate so much stronger. Mesh and slotted plates are also lighter because of all the missing mass which makes them cheaper to manufacture, which is why some companies use them. For the longest-lasting water ionizer machine, choose one that has flat and solid plates.

Plates are an important aspect of any alkaline water machine. Flat and solid plates provide the strongest and cleanest option for making alkaline ionized water. As a result, choosing a water ionizer that uses this type of plate means choosing a filter that is the most likely to last you a long time.

Water ionizer Scams Explained

Clever manufactures and marketers have created the mesh and slotted plates to save money. The mesh and slotted plates have a large percentage of the mass of the plate cut out. The plate is lighter which translates to a big cost savings. Since Platinum is a very expensive element and Titanium is a moderately expensive element this is the number 1 target in the heart of the water ionizer where big cost savings can be introduced. Cleaver marketers have come up with many reasons why these plates are better but the fact is that they are weaker and more prone to clogging and thus have a shorter lifespan because of their design. In addition some have gone so far as to lie and attempt to scare you with things like “The other companies plates can give you Titanium poisoning or will leach Platinum and Titanium into the water”. Lies like these are easily debunked if you are a scientist or a chemist with knowledge of the Periodic table of elements. Since many of us lack this rigorous scientific background it is very easy for us to fall prey to such water ionizer scams however if you do your research it only takes a few minutes to dispel these lies.

Here is a quick fact: Platinum is the most resistant metal to corrosion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platinum Like Gold, Platinum will never rust, it will never corrode, it will never break down. You can leave it out in the elements for millions or billions of years and it will remain the same, it will not wither and turn to dust. In fact it is so resistant to corrosion that it is used in dentistry and is also used in Chemotherapy treatments to fight many types of cancer.

Titanium like Gold and Platinum is also highly resistant to corrosion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titanium It will not corrode in sea water or other highly corrosive liquids like chlorine. Titanium is implanted into peoples bodies like when you see someone with a plate and screws on their bones in an x-ray, it is used for medical orthopedic implants. It is also used in Dentistry. A Dentist will actually fill your rotten tooth with Titanium, so tell me, how can this possibly be poisonous? If that was the case then I think millions or billions of teeth need to be removed because of their Titanium fillings and a lot of people need to go back to the hospital for surgery so that their implants can be removed.

It is a sad fact that many people and companies will stoop to such lows as to intentionally deceive you with such lies, when they are supposedly selling you a product which is going to benefit your health. They must know that many of the people shopping for a water ionizer are sick or old and many of them are buying it in hopes of improving an illness. I guess greed for money will always bring out the worst in people, and there is big money to be made in reducing the cost of water ionizer plates while convincing consumers that they must pay a higher price for a cheaper made product. Preying upon helpless elderly and sick people is seriously wrong. These people must have no moral character and I find it despicable that they are in this industry selling water ionizers to consumers to supposedly “help” them. I guess before they “help” you they must first “help themselves” to your pocketbook. Greed and Money, it truly is disgusting what it will make some people do.

Do yourself a quick and easy favor before buying your alkaline water machine. This industry is a magnet for professional grade scam artist and thieves, but there is a way to avoid them. Check the Better Business Bureau file of the brand or company you are thinking of buying from. Read over the complaints before you buy, and steer clear of any paid for advertisements from these con artist offering you a “free water ionizer buyers guide” or “ionizer of the year awards”. Avoid the dangers of buying a water ionizer. Help prevent these scammers from utilizing “free” buyers guides as the most profitable and easiest whey to prey upon gullible consumers, don’t become another victim like the lady in the video above.