Water Ionizer Plate Scams Exposed

Once you have decided to purify your water through the use of a water ionizer, you will need to choose one. One factor that should influence your decision is the type of plates used in the purifier. Plates are not created equal. Each type functions differently, and some have distinct disadvantages. In order to ensure that you get a convenient and long-lasting machine, you should educate yourself on plates so you can avoid common scams.

The Water Ionizer Scam

There is so much conflicting and misleading information on water ionizers that this one is easily pulled off and here’s why. With all the hype and talk about “Plates” inside the water ionizer how are you to discern the fact from fiction?  Manufactures have come up with a clever trick to save money and deceive you at the same time. You may have heard of mesh water ionizer plates, or slotted / hybrid plates. Perhaps you were told that these are the best types of plates because they ionize the water more efficiently or the power flows over them more evenly or because the water flows through them more efficiently. Or perhaps you have heard that some plates can give you “Titanium poisoning” or will “leach” Titanium and Platinum. Well, the truth and the real reason for the plate scam and scare mongering is easily uncovered if you use common sense and plain old logic.

Types of Water Ionizer Plates

There are three basic types of water ionizer plates: Flat and solid, mesh, and slotted. Each functions a bit differently as the water flows over it.

Here is a description of each type of plate:

water ionizer platesFlat and Solid

The flat and solid water ionizer plate is a single, flat, smooth, piece of metal. It does not have any holes. As a result, the water runs over the plate without being diverted or lost through any openings. 


The mesh water ionizer plates possesses numerous small holes that make it look like a screen. This type of plate provides many small holes through which the water can run as it is ionized. 


The slotted water ionizer plate is similar to the flat and solid plate. However, as its name suggests, it possesses slots evenly distributed throughout the plate. These slots also provide places through which the water can run through as it is ionized.

Advantages to the Flat and Solid Plate

Due to its design, the flat and solid plate has two distinct advantages over its mesh and slotted counterparts. Following is a discussion of these advantages and why they make it important to purchase a water ionizer that uses a flat and solid plate. 

Easier Cleaning

Flat and solid plates are easier to keep clean, because they have fewer surfaces that can become clogged with calcium build-up. This type of plate possesses just one large front and one large back. As a result, calcium build-up can easily be removed by cleaning these two sides of the plate. Mesh or slotted water ionizer plates, on the other hand, have openings and edges along every hole and slot where calcium can build up. These openings are also much smaller than the surfaces on the flat and solid plate and are therefore harder to clean. For ease of cleaning which therefore translates to longer lifespan it is best to choose an alkaline water machine that uses flat and solid plates.

Greater Durability

Flat and solid water ionizer plates are also more durable than their mesh and slotted counterparts. Mesh and slotted plates are weaker, because of the number of openings they have. As a result, they are flimsy and do not posses the rigidity and stiffness that makes flat and solid plate so much stronger. Mesh and slotted plates are also lighter because of all the missing mass which makes them cheaper to manufacture, which is why some companies use them. For the longest-lasting water ionizer machine, choose one that has flat and solid plates. 

Plates are an important aspect of any alkaline water machine. Flat and solid plates provide the strongest and cleanest option for making alkaline ionized water. As a result, choosing a water ionizer that uses this type of plate means choosing a filter that is the most likely to last you a long time. 

 Water ionizer Scams Explained

Clever manufactures and marketers have created the mesh and slotted plates to save money. The mesh and slotted plates have a large percentage of the mass of the plate cut out. The plate is lighter which translates to a big cost savings. Since Platinum is a very expensive element and Titanium is a moderately expensive element this is the number 1 target in the heart of the water ionizer where big cost savings can be introduced. Cleaver marketers have come up with many reasons why these plates are better but the fact is that they are weaker and more prone to clogging and thus have a shorter lifespan because of their design. In addition some have gone so far as to lie and attempt to scare you with things like “The other companies plates can give you Titanium poisoning or will leach Platinum and Titanium into the water”. Lies like these are easily debunked if you are a scientist or a chemist with knowledge of the Periodic table of elements. Since many of us lack this rigorous scientific background it is very easy for us to fall prey to such water ionizer scams however if you do your research it only takes a few minutes to dispel these lies.

Here is a quick fact:  Platinum is the most resistant metal to corrosion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Platinum Like Gold, Platinum will never rust, it will never corrode, it will never break down. You can leave it out in the elements for millions or billions of years and it will remain the same, it will not wither and turn to dust. In fact it is so resistant to corrosion that it is used in dentistry and is also used in Chemotherapy treatments to fight many types of cancer.

Titanium like Gold and Platinum is also highly resistant to corrosion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titanium It will not corrode in sea water or other highly corrosive liquids like chlorine. Titanium is implanted into peoples bodies like when you see someone with a plate and screws on their bones in an x-ray, it is used for medical orthopedic implants. It is also used in Dentistry. A Dentist will actually fill your rotten tooth with Titanium, so tell me, how can this possibly be poisonous? If that was the case then I think millions or billions of teeth need to be removed because of their Titanium fillings and a lot of people need to go back to the hospital for surgery so that their implants can be removed.

It is a sad fact that many people and companies will stoop to such lows as to intentionally deceive you with such lies, when they are supposedly selling you a product which is going to benefit your health. They must know that many of the people shopping for a water ionizer are sick or old and many of them are buying it in hopes of improving an illness.  I guess greed for money will always bring out the worst in people, and there is big money to be made in reducing the cost of water ionizer plates while convincing consumers that they must pay a higher price for a cheaper made product. Preying upon helpless elderly and sick people is seriously wrong. These people must have no moral character and I find it despicable that they are in this industry selling water ionizers to consumers to supposedly “help” them. I guess before they “help” you they must first “help themselves” to your pocketbook. Greed and Money, it truly is disgusting what it will make some people do.

Do yourself a quick and easy favor before buying your alkaline water machine.  This industry is a magnet for professional grade scam artist and thieves, but there is a way to avoid them.  Check the Better Business Bureau file of the brand or company you are thinking of buying from.  Read over the complaints before you buy, and steer clear of any paid for advertisements from these con artist offering you a “free water ionizer buyers guide” or “ionizer of the year awards”. Avoid the dangers of buying a water ionizer.  Help prevent these scammers from utilizing “free” buyers guides as the most profitable and easiest whey to prey upon gullible consumers, don’t become another victim like the lady in the video above.